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Here’s my two cents regarding this link. I honestly can’t believe DC would end Shade before it completes the 10 issue miniseries run. Does it deserve better sales? Yes indeed. This is one of the best titles of the new 52. It earns the rare status in my comic buying routine where I will buy all of the floppies and the collected edition. Currently only Unwritten is being honored with that status.

Animal Man, Swamp Thing, OMAC, and Frankenstein will also likely receive this rare distinction I’m enjoying those titles so well. Justice League Dark is a maybe, but currently it isn’t living up to my expectations.

What DC needs to understand is that some comic book fans have a similar, but somewhat skewed version of how I consume. They may pick up the first couple of issues, find they very much like the title, and stop purchasing floppies because they plan to buy the collected edition. This, honestly, is the more economical way to do it, but I’m terrified of the Big Two canceling my favorite titles.

There are occasions where I purchase the trades exclusively. For example, I came into Chew late, so there’s no point in buying the floppies because I’d be half a dozen issue ahead of the most recently released trade. I don’t like coming into the middle of the story. I’m also working on completing my 90s-era Vertigo trade collection.

Anyway, what I’m trying to say while slightly tangenting, is I hope DC will look at the critical acclaim around this Shade series. It’s the type of title that will be best served in trade format and, hopefully, will receive better sales in that format than it is in floppy format. If you promote something as being a 10-issue miniseries it should be a given that it’ll be completed and collected.

That’s my two cents, plus.

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