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The above link is to an epic response from Grant Morrison to Alan Moore. It’s so epic, I’m only half way through it, but I wanted to stop at the part about Michael Moorcock.

I don’t dabble much in creator drama, so I didn’t actually know Moorcock had such disdain for Morrison. It shocks me, because if it wasn’t for Morrison I likely never would have picked up a Jerry Cornelius book. Since Morrison led me to discovering Cornelius I’ve read every single Moorcock story (as far as I know) that features the character. The devouring of those stories led me to Dancers at the End of Time which in turn resulted in digging deeper into Moorcock’s work including Elric, Corum, and more (even works like Fireclown and Gloriana).

Reading Moorcock’s thread (from 2004) on Morrison makes it sound like the comic creator tried to hide the tribute he was paying to the author in his work. I don’t personally think that was the case as Morrison hasn’t been shy in interviews to mention how he was inspired by both Moorcock and J.G. Ballard in his youth.

One of the many enjoyable things about reading The Invisibles is figuring out how different pieces of the larger puzzle were informed. In many ways, it’s a lot like dismantling the samples in a Beastie Boys album and visiting the source material. Then again, maybe that right there is the problem. While authors like Moorcock try to bury and hide their influences so they seem like their ideas are wholly original modern creators instead revel in their influences and trumpet them - loudly.

I guess I’m a product of my era, because I’m all for the trumpeting. I’m a fan of Moorcock because Morrison unabashedly shared his exuberance for the character of Jerry Cornelius. Instead of being petty and spiteful Moorcock should instead be thanking creators like Morrison for keeping their legacies alive instead of collecting dust in the poorly organized sci-fi section of a used bookstore.

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